Good investment climate

December 2018.
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Foreign investors have the same status as domestic investors - they may invest in any industry and are free to transfer funds, assets and other goods, including profit or dividends, and acquire rights to real estate property.

Despite a recent VAT increase, Montenegro still has a competitive tax system – the lowest corporate income tax in the region amounting to a flat rate of 9% and a personal income tax of 9% (net income up to average income) or 11% (on amount above average income). A great geo-strategic position was recognised by many trade partners – Montenegro has free trade agreements with CEFTA, EFTA, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine (access via land, sea, and sky to a market of more than 650M people).
An unemployment rate of approximately 16.1% suggests access to workforce, usually perceived as skilled, affordable (with an average estimated net salary of EUR 510 in 2017) and multi-lingual due to the touristic characteristics of the country.

The Government plans to offer citizenship to foreign investors who are willing to invest in the country, especially in the undeveloped north. Starting from 1 October, each investor that invests 250k in the northern part or 450k in the central and southern part of the country, and pays a fee of 100k is eligible for citizenship (limited offer of up to 2,000 passports in three years). Moody’s set its rating at B1 with a stable outlook, while S&P’s rating stands at B+ with stable outlook, both of which are indicators at a good and stable macro environment.




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