Investment in Irrigation Systems

October 2019.
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North Macedonia

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy and the Agency for Financial Support of Agriculture this year will begin with investments and the rehabilitation of the irrigation systems and dams, in an amount of EUR 10 million.

The dams Konsko and Rečani are in advanced phases. A contract has been signed for the South Vardar Valley. Contracts are already being signed for other dams and funds have been provided for irrigation systems through the instrument for pre-accession support of the European Union. A project was already obtained for the construction of eight such systems. The first phase of the rehabilitation of the irrigation system "Debarsko pole" will be completed in 2019. 
The European Union has published a tender in June for construction of three irrigation systems in Čaušica, Slavičko pole and Kolibari as part of the project “Small-scale, low-cost, environment friendly irrigation schemes”.



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