Aerodromi Crne Gore JSC Podgorica – Valorisation models/Stock exchange

January 2020.
Aerodromi Crne Gore JSC Podgorica – Valorisation models/Stock exchange More on

Aerodromi Crne Gore JSC Podgorica were registered at the Montenegro, as a joint-stock company for service activities in air traffic.

The total value of the Company's capital, according to the data from the stock exchange, is EUR 101.500.000 or 10.150.000 shares with a nominal value of EUR 10.00. The Government has decided to offer Montenegrin airports in a concession and a public call for all interested partieshas been published. . In accordance with the Law on Concessions, the Government, on the proposal of the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs, adopted a concession act for the award of concessions for the Airports of Montenegro and Podgorica and Tivat International Airports, competitively selected best bidder, which will establish and register a company with headquarters in Montenegro, for performing the concession activity. Seven companies have applied for pre-qualification concession tender for Montenegrin Airports.  The expected amount of investment is at least 80 million in the first three years and at least 200 million over the total duration of the investment. The bidder is obliged to pay at least EUR 100 million in advance and pay at least 10 percent of the airport's annual revenue to the state during the next 30 years, so that the Government could improve the valorization potential of the airports, because the current situation does not meet the needs of the state and its citizens.

Company name: Aerodromi Crne Gore JSC Podgorica

Company website: www.montenegroairports.com

Company size: approx. 700 employees



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